Thursday, January 28, 2010


Occasionally digital restoration raises new questions.  This photograph depicts a synagogue in New York City on D-Day, 1944.  The Library of Congress didn't identify which congregation.  A Wikipedian who edits under the username Pharos has identified it as Congregation Emunath Israel on West Twenty-third Street.

I've requested this to be Wikipedia's picture of the day for June 6, 2010.

It would be really wonderful to make contact with this congregation before that day so they know about it.  A few of their older members might even be able to name who these women are.  Unfortunately they don't have a website or publish an email address.  Their telephone goes directly into a voice mail system.

So if you live in New York City or know a friend who does, would you be willing to help contact this congregation please?  I'd really appreciate the help.

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