Sunday, May 24, 2009

Useless self-disclosures

Geek cred:
Naturally ambidextrous--used crayons and pencils with either hand as a small child, couldn't tell the difference or understand why adults made a fuss about it. Got pressured to choose a side; became left dominant for most purposes including writing.

Can actually write with either hand. Penmanship is better with the right but it's slower so hardly ever use it. Able to write signature simultaneously with both hands: forward, backward, and in mirror writing. It makes an entertaining party trick for about two minutes.

For image restoration, though, always and only use the right hand. That was the inadvertent result of an old desk's geography.


Adam said...

Your name isn't prime in Leet, it's divisible by 3. It is a prime number if you write it in that "words show up upside-down-on-the-calculator" thing, but that isn't Leet.

Lise Broer said...

The latter is what I meant, and it's a Leet variant (thank goodness for Leet and its variant spellings).