Friday, May 08, 2009

Fred the great

I miss the old days of arbitration. Fred Bauder read the evidence, read the diffs, and determined whether the claims held up. Then he'd figure out who the primary antagonists were and write up a decision to deal with them. He didn't sanction everyone willy-nilly and he didn't try to pass the buck. Usually he got it right. Then Fred Bauder's term ended. Slowly this website drifted away from the notions that arbitration is the final step in dispute resolution and that it has something to do with justice.


Image credit: self-portrait by Fred Bauder.  Slightly edited for color balance.

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Dan said...

You're referring to the same guy who made the ridiculous proposal to redirect bios of critics to "Clown", and who supported the most fanatical interpretation of the BADSITES pseudo-policy to attempt to muzzle critics?