Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No original research confessions

You've broken a core content policy.  You have to tell someone, anyone.  But who can you tell?  How can you get absolution?

You've committed (gasp) original research.  On Wikipedia.

No original research confessions?  One of the site's most prolific featured article writers confided, "We all have them." Wikipedia's No original research policy: where have you crossed the line?  What corners have you cut and gotten away with?  Seeking confessions; confidentiality assured.  Will publish the best and most salacious Wikipedian original research confessions with details altered to protect the not-so-innocent.

Contact me privately at nadezhda (dot) durova (at) gmail (dot) com to confess.


Joshua said...

Taking off of a very old joke:

A person goes into confession and tells the priest "I did original research on the article about a small village in Nigeria." The priest says "Well, given issues of systemic bias that isn't so bad. Say two Hail Marys and write 2 DYKs and go and sin no more."

The second person comes in and says "I did original research in BLP" The priest says "Oh. That's more serious. Say 5 Hail Marys, and write 5 DYKs."

A third person comes to confession and says "I did original research in a DYK."

Ok. Now, that I've written this joke out it seems pretty lame. The normal version replaces writing DYKs with sipping or anointing holy water and the third person did something inappropriate with the font.

Awadewit said...

"Say two Hail Jimbos"