Thursday, April 02, 2009

The first editor to write a featured article while sitebanned

It's absolutely wonderful to see the work ScienceApologist has been putting toward improvements in Wikipedia's optics article, and it would be really cool to help him succeed at his goal of raising it to featured article. You can help.

Now see the current live article: after the introduction it quickly peters out into lists. The thing is start-class, and it's good basic science an encyclopedia ought to cover. If you wear glasses or do photography you use optics.  Okay, ready for the fun?  I promise this won't be too hard.

Have a look at ScienceApologist's draft improvements!  Much bigger, much more informative, and well on its way.  What he needs are nontechnical eyes to read it: has he been clear enough?  Do the descriptions make sense?  Please review, copyedit, and improve!

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Unknown said...

ScienceApologist seems to be quite a talented editor of mainstream physics. But his handling of non-mainstream subjects, seems to leave a lot to be desired.