Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kudos to Jake Wartenberg

It's been wonderful collaborating with one of our newest restorationists, Jake Wartenberg. He's shown exceptional enthusiasm and versatility. The image above is one of his restorations, a photochrom of the quays at Waterford, Ireland during the 1890s. One of our Irish Wikipedians, Alison, helped select the image so now, in addition to being a featured picture candidate at English Wikipedia, it's also a featured picture candidate at the Irish Gaelic Wikipedia. Alison even sounded excited to try a restoration herself.

But more about Jake's fine work. His first restoration was a panorama of Jerusalem from the early twentieth century. Now he's working on a Japanese woodcut and an early World War II Kodachrome of the liberation of Paris.

One thing Jake could use help with, though, is translation from Japanese. He's mostly done with a print about the Russo-Japanese War, a comical depiction of the Tsar having a nightmare about his wounded forces returning. The original is available at the Library of Congress here. It would be very useful to have a full translation of the caption.

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