Monday, February 23, 2009

Congratulations to Xavexgoem

A while back I blogged about an ongoing restoration for the Ottoman surrender of Jerusalem in 1917. Good news: it's completed now and Xavexgoem has his first featured picture credit.

Here's the unanimous candidacy. It's great to see his work come to fruition. And it's a highly encyclopedic subject, well photographed, that counters systemic bias. Wikipedia could use more good material about the Middle Eastern Theater of World War I.

Xav's busy with another restoration now. Here's looking forward to praising his next success soon. Three cheers for a job well done.


Michel said...

Looks great. I was wondering: is there a place where one can apply for restaoration duty? A list of images in need of attention perhaps?

Durova said...

Right now the best way is to contact me via email (linked from my user page at Wikipedia, Commons, etc.) and get my Skype ID. I would really gladly bring you on board, send suitable material your way, and coach you. Skype is the best client atm for that; it's free.

Am working to make WMF software more restoration-friendly. Right now we need to do a couple of workarounds.

Best regards and thanks for your interest!