Thursday, September 03, 2009


Surprising news arrived today. The discovery of human remains from the Wounded Knee Massacre aftermath restoration has been incorporated into the official program notes of an exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, item number 76. The Library of Congress also credits me in its updated bibliographic record. The museum is exhibiting an unedited version of the image; possibly the presence of the bodies was a factor in its selection.

The individual who shared the news does not appear to have a connection to the museum. Would love to make contact with Quebecois Wikimedians who could follow up on this and establish ties with the museum.


Ian said...

I know Circeus is from Quebec, and has been on the project forever. You might want to drop him a note.

Lise Broer said...

Thank you. :)

Circéus said...

Well, I'm flattered somebody would think of me, and ashamed that, in reverse, I do not even know who Ian is on-wiki >__>;;;

I'd be willing to see what I can do, except that I'm not used to this sort of communications, and not quite sure what sort of ties exactly you have in mind. Do you mean along the lines of the Wikipedia Loves Art stuff?

Other QC wikimedians include Liberlogos (also quite active on Commons), Montrealais, MiguelTremblay and Mathieugp (though I unfortunately don't think I've had much personal contacts, on-wiki or otherwise, with any of them,).

Lise Broer said...

The Dutch, German, and Australian chapters are really the leaders in this area. Can put people in touch to build on the synergies they've developed.

nihiltres said...

From what I've seen the gap will really be getting a Wikimedia Canada set up. It's sad, in some ways: institutions always want another institution to talk to, so we who collaborate autonomously get left out of the loop.

That's what I, as a Wikipedian in Montreal, have been waiting for. Once there's some institutional backbone, people can go places and say "Hi, I represent Wikimedia Canada. We want to work with you." Somehow it seems more serious than "Hi, I spend some time editing Wikipedia. Invest your institutional time on my interests!" :/

Unfortunately, I'm not the sort of thing I'm good at (or have the time for).