Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting it Wright

Restoration work gets done at high resolution, mostly addressing very small portions of a photgraph. There aren't many moments when the restorationist sees the effect of the labor on the whole image. So it's wonderful to finally sit back, be the first to view the end result, and pour a cup of coffee. This is arguably the most important photograph in aviation engineering history. It's an honor to work on a version that hundreds of thousands of people will see in dozens of languages.

The full sized restoration is 14.39MB in JPEG, available here. The uncompressed file can't quite go up in its full glory because it is over 100MB. There may be another editor who can improve on this work. So until WMF software catches up with what we're doing in this area, people who understand restoration are welcome to contact me for a Skype transfer. If we can't collaborate in a wiki environment yet, we can still act collaboratively.

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