Friday, November 21, 2008

Support censorship

Here is a new version of the Birth of Venus you'll need to start using if you're a Botticelli fan and want to share your appreciation of fine art in userspace when a new Wikipedia proposal passes. It takes a few minutes to Photoshop a bikini onto the lady; call it a public service to save others the trouble.

There's another solution, of course. Head over to Wikipedia:Sexual content to have a look at the proposal firsthand. Then weigh in on it. I can't wait to start on Michelangelo's David...


private musings said...

/me waves at D! - my proposal got a mention on your blog! I'm flattered :-)

I haven't noticed anyone clamoring for the covering up of naked clam shell chicks, nor picked up on great concern for David's modesty... I should probably explain that the heart of what I'm suggesting is that (very much 'not safe for work') images be restricted to the 'article space' - ie. should only be used in articles where they benefit the encyclopedia, and not permitted within userspace... my thinking of this is that it's just part of being a responsible web citizen etc. :-)

ps. p'raps it's interesting to note that you're not permitted to post some such pictures here on your blog, though I hope you don't feel overly repressed :-)

Lise Broer said...