Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kiss me, Kate

For a change of pace, went over to Wikiversity and started a course in troll sockpuppets. Oddly, the day after course planning began it was already no. 4 on a Google search for "troll sockpuppet". Not sure whether that counts as good or bad.

So since I'm on semi-wikibreak this month I offered one of the sockpuppets space here to promote the new Wikiversity project. Hamlet, Prince of Trollmark volunteered to do a guest post on this blog. Forgive him if it's a bit over the top; he's a drama sock.
(Hamlet marches over to this thread and hits 'edit').

=== Statement by Hamlet, Prince of Trollmark ===
[[Image:Hamlet, Prince of Trollmark.jpg|right|thumb|250px]]
It wouldn't be November without a fresh episode of Giano v. Arbcom. By all means, accept. ~~~~


David "SirFozzie" Yellope said...

Bad Troll! No Cookie!

Joshua said...

I'm disappointed. I've seen worse trolling happen accidentally. These instructions for making sockpuppet trolls make ineffective trolls. I want my money back! Wait, I didn't pay for this... still want money back! Or maybe to make up for it the next course can be on how to use the trolls effectively?

Seth Finkelstein said...


"Alas, poor Gianonick! I knew him, Gerardatio."