Friday, August 29, 2008

The poop on poop

Tsk tsk, I've been advised to reduce the size of the images hosted at this blog. So in order to get the full disgusting view of this seagull performing a natural function you'll need to visit a Wikimedia Foundation site. Fortunately I have a link right here--it's one of the funniest featured picture candidacies I've ever seen. Pride of place still goes to this discussion about an scanning electron microscope image of a black fly with a parasite emerging from its antenna. What higher praise could a biology nomination receive than this?
Support Yuck. Can I stop looking at it now? Highly enc.

Well, maybe this comes close:
Oh, sh** ... er, Support Haven't seen a shot like this before. Save for April 1st for front page... ;-)

I should do these more often...

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