Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A day in the life of a historic image editor

0:00 Discover high resolution digitized file of a royal Spanish grant of arms.
0:10 Select page for download and restoration.
0:12 Brew coffee.
0:15 Begin restoration.
10:15 Finish restoration. Whew! Feels great.
10:45 Complete notated uploads to Wikimedia Commons, insert at relevant articles with captioning.
11:00 Nominate for featured picture candidacy.
11:17 User:I Love Photography leaves long comment, obviously without having looked at the original file or reading the upload notes or clicking on the source link to the original file. Wonders whether there was text with the original image (there was; nineteen pages of it). Insists that without text the illustration has no encyclopedic value at all except at a nonexistent biography. Never mind its use at the Law of Arms or at Spanish heraldry.
11:18 - 12:00 Mope.
12:15 Upload remaining 18 manuscript pages.
12:29 User:I Love Photography Two demands full translation.
12:30 Brew stronger pot of coffee.
19:45 Complete full translation of calligraphy manuscript from sixteenth century Spanish.
20:00 Add translation to all relevant file hosting pages.
20:57 User:I Love Photography Three opposes because only one of the nineteen pages is used in article space.
21:00 Brew stronger pot of coffee.
21:05 User:I Love Photography Four nominates an image of a dung beetle.
23:00 I Love Photography One, Two, and Three have all supported the dung beetle.
23:30 Talk page conversation:
Historic Image Editor: "Why the difference?"
I Love Photography: "We can't promote too many illustrations from manuscript royal grants."
Historic Image Editor: "But we don't have any FPs of royal grants at all."
I Love Photography Two: "This is preventative."
Historic Image Editor: "How many featured pictures of dung beetles do we have?"
I Love Photography Three: "Twenty-seven. But this one is rolling an unusually large dung ball."
23:58 Cry self to sleep.


Nuclear Warfare said...


pfctdayelise said...

Oh... I laughed, I cried. What else can you do?

Joshua said...

But dung beetles are cute!

Bawolff said...

I wish i had a dung beetle!

GZ said...

I hope I'm never one of those editors! I always try (sometimes fail) to be fair. User:Mostlyharmless