Sunday, June 21, 2009

Honoring Iran

Here's an option if you want to contribute something positive with regard to Iran: help spread appreciation of Iranian history and culture.

At right is a featured picture that appears at the biography of Nezami Ganjavi, who was the greatest romantic epic poet in Persian literature. It illustrates his version of the Layla and Majnun love story.

The Library of Congress hosts hundreds of high resolution scans of calligraphy, and the largest portion of the collection originates from Iran. For selections, see here. They're all public domain, which means they're available for upload and placement at Wikipedia. With restoration, some of these could qualify for featured picture designation. A few of the images from the calligraphy collection are already in use, but many aren't.

By uploading images to Wikimedia Commons, you can make this material available to the various language editions of Wikipedia. With a surf through Google Books you can expand the articles they'll illustrate.

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